We believe that music should bring joy. Even when you are sad and lonely, it seems that there will never be joy in life again. Music should help and remind us that the darkest hour is before dawn.

However, we can rely not only on music but also on ourselves. There are many people in the world who need our help, those who are weaker, younger, and feel lost.

And, having once visited the cancer center for children, we realized that this is exactly the place that needs help. More precisely, not the place itself, but the children who are in it.

It is impossible to convey the feeling of pain and doom that you experience while being there. We wanted to give children at least a small ray of light and hope for a happy future.

But we understood that we could give too little as a musical group. Therefore, they turned to other companies with a call to help, encourage and support children in UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital. And we were glad to receive in return the readiness to help from our friends and those whom we had never seen before.

We consider it important to introduce you to those who are not indifferent to the fate and pain of other people.

Tom's Model Inc is a company born and raised in the heart of the toy district of Downtown, Los Angeles and is geared towards accommodating those who are interested in the newest popular culture products in the market.

Tom's Model Inc. has developed a new business model that distributes to retailers and consumers. Tom's Model inc. has an array of products that are suitable for anyone ranging from novice hobbyists to advanced collectors. Tom's Model Inc. prides itself on retaining its personalized service to our customers throughout the years. They are its number one priority and always will be.

The Yolk is an independent design and gift store from Los Angeles that offers a cool selection of artisan designer goods, locally produced wares, and individualistic kids' fashion from around the globe. Yolk's tagline Free Range Design reflects the company's quest for freedom of expression, individuality, artistry, and sustainability in the products it carries.

Giggle Factory was developed by a children's entertainment professional with 22 years of experience. It has planned over 1,000 events since it was started in 2006.

Giggle Factory is proud to specialize in talent, the kind of talent that requires an eye for the good stuff. Each new act or performer is carefully scrutinized by the sharp eyes of its talented owner before becoming a part of the Giggle Factory team. The motto for all its party productions whether big or small, private or corporate, is always the same: to provide seamless service based on integral knowledge of the business.

B Sweet was created to bring back the homemade taste in cakes, cookies, pies, and many other pastries. This young company has an unmatched level of quality in its products, and it clearly shows not only through its presentation but also in its taste.

Individual handwork and attention to detail enable B Sweet to produce fresher and more authentic flavors than pastries produced in larger corporate kitchens. In addition, using the highest quality ingredients, such as fresh fruits purchased from the local farmer's market, make up its "yummy factor."

Once again, we want to thank all those who became involved in a small miracle that we managed to organize for children. Of course, we do not claim to have made the world or even someone's life better. But we've managed to give the kids a few hours where they're a little happier and distracted from how difficult their journey really is.

We sincerely wish everyone a good recovery and will continue to look after them.